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What happened to that young asian girl running naked from the bombs?
there were other young guys and solderis in the background. does anyone know what im talking about. its that famous picture of that young naked girl. what became of her?
She was operated on in military hospital at the insistence of the man who photographed her. Originally the medics wanted to triage her but he insisted that she be treated because the world needed to know who she was. She married another Vietnamese man, went to school in Cuba, defected to Canada on a stop-over on a flight to Moscow and now does speaking engagements for the non-profit she founded in order to promote peace.
My husband loves looking at naked asian girls,i feel like Im useless and everytime i try to be with him?
and satify him he'll say he's tired.I've never had sex with anybody else b4 and after you think i should get out there and try to get some new stuff.I'm sick of him
get a new husband, he must have gotten a 'fever'
What is up with the floating Asian girls in Across the Universe?
So, in one scene in across the universe, there are some naked Asian women who are floating above the water and are doing some weird arm movements. Then, they fall into the water and lay there. My aunt thinks it has something to do with Yoko Ono, but I don't know. What does this symbolize, or what does it have to do with the movie?
i just re-watched Across the Universe today and had been wondering the same thing about the Asian women and the water. So far, the only thing I could think of is maybe it represents those killed in the war, or the innocent people killed in the war, as it showed Lucy's brother right before it showed them. Idk if this makes any sense to anyone else though haha
Hey, I had a dream I was sitting down and looking at a pretty naked asian girl sitting next to a tiger. wtf?
So I had the dream, the girl I didnt know but she was good looking. What does it mean. I was holding something, I was inside she and the tiger were outside, I was looking thru a door.

Also they were both looking at me. I awoke.
well animals have meaning, feminine beauty too. It could be you have a certain lust, you feel the need of company or something is troubling you. Here's what I found online:

"...ou feel vulnerable and exposed. You may feel that you are unable to maintain your defences against the outside world.

Mystical Meaning: This dream can mean innocence or if you are a traditional Christian, it can refer to the Final Judgement."

Tiger means:
..."This large and very beautiful cat can symbolize femininity, power, anger, unforgiving vengeance, great force, and cunning. Tigers cannot be ignored, and usually they get exactly what they go after. Consider all of these characteristics and try to see if they apply to your or anyone else's current mood or character."

Good luck. I had a weird one...look at my last question hahaha
I think my boyfriend may have a weird asian fetish ?
I was going through my boyfriends computer to find his porn collection and when I did it was all naked asian girls and some videos of them being taken advantage of as the theme.

And now I kinda feel like I am just some fetish object to him, am I being crazy?
It all depends on your moral opinion. Personally, I think your boyfriend does have a sort of "asian fetish" if he only has that kind of collection on his computer. Most non-asian guys only date asian girls because they have a certain "preference" for them. I know of a lot of girls who are in this kind of situation. If you don't mind your boyfriend having an obsessive interest in your ethnicity, then there shouldn't be a lot of ethnic issues in the relationship. However, if you or bothered by the fact that he targets only asian girls when seeking a relationship, then you have to put a lot of question into whether you should stay with him or not.
So what's the deal with sushi and naked girls?
So a few nights ago, my girlfriend and I are blazing some bowls, and when we got the munchies, we both agreed that it'd be dank to go get some sushi.

So we go to this new sushi place in town, and this totally catches me off guard, but they serve sushi off the torso's of naked girls. Now, i've seen this a couple times before, the women have flowers placed over their boobs, and she lies down on a table and you're just supposed to eat off of her.

But what threw me off was that this was in a public restaurant where anybody could come in. So im sitting here with my girlfriend, blazed out of my skull and just trying not to gawk at this beautiful asian girls boobs...awkward... My girlfriend was fine with the whole scene though, in fact she was even kinda checking the girl out.

So finally, here's my question, what is the reason behind serving sushi off of naked women? Is it like some kind of Japanese tradition? Is there some reason behind it, or is it just a gimmick to get people to eat more sushi?
It is Nyotaimori. a kind of sexual amusement. only crazy ppl go eat there.
What do you think if your Asian girl friend shout out for one or two naked ex on facebook?
Hi my girlfriend is an Asian, and we are going to have our first anniversary a month later. I just randomly checked the news feed on facebook, she commented on her ex-boyfriend's photo, showing two upper-naked muscle guy. which is her ex-boy friend and his brother. My girl friend left a comment, which says they are so hot and type like out of control. I dunno if it is me only... or if you guys were me, will you guys feel upset with me? Also, we've got many mutual friends between me, she, and her ex, and also his brother, we were in the same circle... will you guys care about it?
You should leave her... if she really was serious she'd only have eyes for you.

And it's nothing but bad news to be having that kind of connection to an ex.
Do Asian girls not want guys to see them changing?
First off, I'm talking about girls from Asia, not girls of Asian descent born in the US. I just found it funny how my previous girlfriend would be naked under covers but never wanted me to look while changing (she'd usually go in the bathroom). Does that mean she just didn't want me to see or is that typical?
well i'm asian american and i'm the same way. i would not want people or my husband or boyfriend to see me get dress or change. however, if i were to undress and stay naked, i would not care if my boyfriend/husband sees me. i know, it's just a weird thing. maybe your previous girlfriend feels the same way

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