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How do I get erect nipples?
I am 13. My nipples are not big and not inverted.
Three things give you erect nipples.
1. Cold (rub ice on them)
2. Physical stimulation (rub or tweak them).
3. Sexual arousal (though not all women)
How can i make my nipples erect?
i am a male, i know how to make my nipples erect but they arent very big how can i make them erect larger?
Do women like men with big nipples ?
as in when they are erect like during cold weather, but just erect or big naturally? do women like this or is it a big turn off?
only if they like pepperonis
Nipple piercing, but my nipple is small. Can i still get it?
I dont have an inverted nipple. my nipples do get erect but theyre small. alot of females ive seen with nipple piercings have big erect nipples. Is it ok for girls with small nipples can get them?
i have been piercing for about 10 years now and we can get just about any nipple out with some ice. if you want to send me a pic i could tell you for sure good luck
Why them manboobs got them big ole nipples like women?
Why are the nipples inverted? Are the teats successful at becoming erect?
I don't know. I mean usually guys with manboobs are overweight either a lot of just a tiny beer it would make sence if their nipples got bigger. Girls does also.

I don't know if they get hard though..I'd imagine they would in the cold LOL.

I always found it funny how they can walk around with no shirt on with huge titties as big as women and don't get in trouble. Its not fair lol
Are my nipples too small to get pierced, and will they stay erect?
I am a guy who has very tiny nipples, although NOT inverted. Are my nipples too small to pierce, and if so, will they have a higher chance of ripping? Also, unfortunately my areolas are rather big, no larger then a quarter, when soft. On the other hand, the ariolas appear much smaller and better looking when hard, so will having my nipple pierced make them stay erect/hard?
I doubt that your nipples are too small to pierce. It is possible that they are too small, but I cannot tell you without seeing them. I have never come across nipples that were too small to pierce, and I've been piercing for 3 years. You do run a risk of ripping them out if they are pierced too shallow. Getting it pierced will not exactly make it hard, but it will make it "stick out" more, if you know what I mean.

On a related note, on men, a nipple piercing can "enlarge" your nipple. I've seen men who had only one nipple pierced, and the one got bigger over time.
Nine weeks pregnant and suffering with constant erect nipples?! Its embarrassing.!?
Hi. As if mentioned above I am nine weeks pregnant, my boobs have grown a fair bit, enough for people to mention it! On top of that I have noticed that I can't go out without having to put a couple of layers on as my nipples are constantly erect, and i am embarrased about it! My husband and I, meet up with friends at a local pub fairly often, i stick to the soft drink, and the size of my boobs now have been mentioned there, just in gest, but I then get paranoid about my nipples! This probably sounds like a load of rubbish to most people, but does anyone have any idea how I can disguise how big and hard my nipples are.....?! Please don't laugh! x
The best thing for you to do is find a really nice padded bra. That should hide your problem. Good Luck!
How big are your nipples?
In lenght when erect....i think mine are too big, they are about an inch in lenght is that weird?
Sorry for the strange question i just need to know=) Thanks!
Yeah thats fine, infact thats a good thing=)
Why don't my nipples erect when im h0rny?
My nipples don't erect when im horny, only when im cold. why? how can i make them go hard when i'm horny and can i teach them to? I like it when its hard not big a puffy, :( its ugly puffy and soft
I'd say not to worry about it. Some girls only have their nipples get hard when they get their orgasm. I know my girl is like that - they get hard when I play with them, or when she's close to orgasm. Otherwise, though they're not usually that hard, not even if we're in the middle of having sex.

And I'm ok with that. I use her nipples to help me gauge how close to orgasm she is. ;)
Am i pregnant ? Arms sore,Nauseated,Erect nipples....?
I was supposed to have my period on the 3rd of this month , Instead of a regular period I spotted a little bit and that was it. About two days after that i started feeling sick. And for the past 13 days i've felt the same symptoms. I felt nauseated everyday sometimes it comes during the day or sometimes in the morning and continues all day. My arms and legs start aching like as if i have the flu or something. Sometimes its both arms or sometimes just one. Or sometimes it'll be both my arm and leg. My nipples have been erect all day for the past 4/5 days and seem to have this white stuff sitting inside of them. They have been tender.I also have been using number 2 alot.Sometimes my body is so worn out as if im really tired but when i try to sleep i cant go to sleep. Also sometimes during the day i have a rib pain randomly that lasts for like a minute How big is the chance i might be pregnant?
The symptoms are very high, i would get it checked out or take a pregnancy test just that way your 100% sure. You might also be coming down with something, although the nausea, erect nipples, and spotting are all symptoms of pregnancy.

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