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Whos better at having sex blondes or brunettes?
tell me your opinion on which ones better?
my opinion brunettes are just amazing
My wife was a redhead and it was always good.
I often dream having sex with blondes,is that a kind of illnesss.?
I think the reason was my first oral English teacher ,she is American ,blonde ,beautiful .I often chat with her .She makes me dreaming.Andplease give me a way to solve this, i know this is unreal.
it's not an illness
it's a fetish
and it's perfectly normal
and a little hot
Would it be very devastating if you caught your man having sex with a blonde haired woman?
Smart, accomplished brunette hair women. Would it be very devastating if you caught your man
having sex with a blonde haired woman?
The blondie has a perfect body and is younger than you are.
She is poorer and not as accomplished as you are.
I would be disappointed, but not devastated...
In american pie 6, when dwight is having sex with the blonde MILF, what is the music playing?
It's the part where he's having sex, but the MILF who is doing it with him is being a bit too forceful. Anyone know the song?
"That Kinda Booty" by Naughty Boys.
What's more attractive on the oppostie sex - Blonde hair or Brown hair?
I have brown hair myself, but I prefer Blonde on girls.
Brown on guys, def.
Is this Funny Guys? Short & Sweet Blonde SEX Jokes for U!?
Q: What is the difference between a blonde and "The Titanic"?
A: They know how many men went down on "The Titanic".

Q: What's the first thing a blonde does in the morning?
A1: Introduces him/her self.
A2: Walks home.

Q: How can you tell when a blonde is dating?
A: By the buckle print on her forehead.

Q: How can you tell who is a blonde's boyfriend?
A: He's the one with the belt buckle the matches the impression in her forehead.

Q: What two things in the air can get a blonde pregnant?
A: Her feet!

Q: What do blondes and cow-pats have in common?
A: They both get easier to pick-up with age.

Q: What does a screen door and a blonde have in common?
A: The more you bang it, the looser it gets.

Q: What do you call two nuns and a blonde?
A: Two tight ends and a wide receiver.

Q: Why did the blonde smile when she walked the marriage aisle?
A: She realized she gave her last blow/job.

Q: Why did the blonde have a sore navel?
A: Because her boyfriend was also blond!

Q: Why did they call the blonde "twinkie"?
A: She liked to be filled with cream.

Did you hear the one about the blonde who thought that "love handles" referred to her ears?

Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a rooster?
A: In the morning a rooster says, "Co*ck'll-doodl-doooo", while a blonde says, "Any-co*ck'll-doooo."

Q: What is the difference between a blonde and the Grand Old Duke of York?
A: The Grand Old Duke of York only 'had' 10000 men.

Q: Why did the blonde wear condoms on her ears?
A: So she wouldn't get Hearing Aides.

Q: What's the difference between a prostitute, a nymphomaniac, and a blonde?
A: The prostitute says, "Aren't you done yet?"
The nympho says, "Are you done already?"
The blonde says, "Beige...I think I'll paint the ceiling beige."

Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a telephone?
A: It costs 30 cents to use a telephone.

Q: What do blondes wear behind their ears to attract men.
A: Their heels.

Q: What does a blonde do if she is not in bed by 10?
A: She picks up her purse and goes home.

Q: How do you describe the perfect blonde?
A: 3 feet tall, no teeth, and a flat head to rest your beer on.

Q: Why do blondes have vaginas?
A: So guys will talk to them at parties.

Q: What do blondes do after they comb their hair?
A: They pull up their pants.

Q: Why is 68 the maximum speed for blonds?
A: Because at 69 they blow a rod...

Q: What is the difference between a blonde and a bowling ball?
A: You can only put 3 fingers in a bowling ball. Submitted
i must admit.. some of them are funny.. hehe!!

(by the way im a blond)
According to scientific study, red heads are hornier than blondes and brunettes and have more sex?
Has this been anyones experience, since according to science this is the case.

I have to say I have only known a few red heads in my life and they were very sexual people. I had sex with only one red headed girl and she was an absolute animal, a demon in the sack.

She was going crazy and squirting all over. Swear on my life.

So has anyone else had this experience with red heads.
Red heads are sluts. My best friend was one, and is now dating my ex who i was madly in love with. I don't know about squirting, but everytime she crosses her legs, a waft of fish slowly fills the room, and she queefs whenever she runs. Yea.. they're animals in the sack... but brunettes are so much better ;)
Whats the name of the softcore movie when a blonde has sex in the shower in the beginning?
I think its like a 2000 movie, when Virtial Vegas was out
you just described 50% of hollywood movies. be more specific.
Girls just want sex, specially blondes. No common sense.?
i mean cmon, i am just nice to girls. last girl broke up with me because i did not have sex with her after 2 dates. seriously, i thought boys are more sex hungry. really, thats just.... kirstin, aahh!!
I've heard that the typical rule is that if sex doesn't happen by the second or third date it isn't going to. And she may want that.

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