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What is Blondie Bumstead's maiden name from the Blondie comics?
First person to answer correctly will receive ten points!
What is Dagwood Bumstead's job at J.C. Dithers and Company in the "Blondie" comic strip?
I have been a fan of the comic strip ever since the late Chic Young drew it. I also remember the old black and white "Blondie and Dagwood" movies starring the late Arthur Lake as Dagwood.
Mr Dithers runs a construction company, Dagwood handles the contracts.
Blondie & Dagwood Bumstead: do you remember the old black and white shows?
I was very young when they were on tv but I remember the shows fondly.
They were very funny and entertaining. As a young guy I couldn't figure out how Dagwood could eat such a big sandwhich as the Dagwood specials he was famous for.
The show always left me with a feeling that it was great to be alive and that life was just going to become happier and happier as you got older - as I said, I was very young!
Wow, that's the power of a great show.
I would love to see these shows again.
Can anyone please tell me where to find them?
The movies and TV show were based on the long-running comic-strip "Blondie".

For more on the strip:…

It still runs in papers today.

Starting in 1938 the first movie based on the strip was released. It starred Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake as Blondie and Dagwood. It spawned a series of movies featuring the two (I count 28 on the list on this page).

For more on the movies:…

Around the same time the two stars had a radio show based on the strip.

For more on the radio program:…

you can listen to many of the old radio episodes at:…
(It's only a few of the episodes but you can listen free)

After a few years withiut Blondie (from 1950) a TV series was created for NBC in 1957. Arthur Lake returned to his role as Dagwood, but a new Blondie was needed. The one chose to play her this time was Pamela Britton. It only ran for 26 episodes.…

for a brief synopsis of the episodes:…

I found the movies on DVD at:…

as for the TV show i haven't seen any episodes on DVD (at least according to…
If a new tv show based on blondie and dagwood were to be made who make a good cast?
matthew lillard as dagwood bumstead
jessica alba as blondie bumstead
alan alda as mr. dithers (dagwood's boss)
steve carell as beasley the mailman
ben stiller as herb woodley
anne hathaway herb's wife
some old battle-axe as cora dithers (mrs. dithers)
Jim Carrey for Dagwood.
Was the actor Arthur Lake that played Dagwood bumstead in the old movies a little dippy like the character he?
played in early 'Blondie" movies? I heard a story about how he once had a car that refused to go into a forward gear and so he drove all the way to the studio backwards in reverse gear? Was he just resourceful, or could have he parked and taken a bus?
I think not, his parents were acrobat's and he started out his career as a dancer so he was probably good on his feet contrary to what is seen on screen. I also read that he saved his money and made wise investments and was wealthy even before marrying into money.

many famous actors have said that being funny or playing for laughs is the hardest task in acting.

on the driving backward I would guess he just wanted to see if he could do it or if he wouldn't get caught or arrested. If you have ever backed up for any distance you'll find it's quite hard to do.
In the old Blondie movies, who played 'Baby Dumpling'?
I know Penny Singleton played opposite Arthur Lake as Dagwood Bumstead, but who played Alexander?
Look at the site, which is at the bottom.
A lot of old films from the detailed description and all the actors
How thick was his sandwich?
These characters were taken from a comic book and made into a movie. They were Dagwood Bumstead and Blondie and which I have seen once in a movie. Dagwood use to make a sandwich that was quite thick and he called it 'The Bumstead special'. Any one know how thick his sandwich was?
huge ! about a foot high.

©, blondie bumstead