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Why is it all the egyptians i know were very skinny before marriage but get very fat boobs and butt after ?aft?
why is it all the egyptians i know were very skinny before marriage but get very fat boobs and butt after ?after getting pregnant their body gets so thick and big why do i see that very common in egyptian culture more than any other culture?
After women get married, they put on 30 pounds
Why is it all the egyptians i know were very skinny before marriage but get very fat boobs and butt after ?
why is it all the egyptians i know were very skinny before marriage but get very fat boobs and butt after ?after getting pregnant their body gets so thick and big why do i see that very common in egyptian culture more than any other culture?
its normal thing, and every woman should get fat after pregnant, why? to make sure the baby gets enough food ;)
Does an increase in fat cause boobs to get bigger?
My girlfriend is a 34b (more like a 33b, to be exact) and i was wondering if gaining more fat would cause her boobs to get bigger. I'm unhappy with our sex and would like to know whether to make her eat more, or not. Her hipbones show anyways and i'm scared that I might one day break her in half.
Yes, it would most likely cause her boobs to get bigger, but if you are that superfical that you want to make your girlfriend gain weight, just to increase her bust size to please you...then, well, you don't deserve a girl.

If she has an EATING DISORDER, that is a different situation. If you think that she is so thin that her life is in danger, than tell her that. Don't tell her she needs to gain weight to satisfy your male cravings for sex.
How do you get rid of lower belly fat with out loosing your boobs?
I wanna get rid of my lower belly fat with out loosing an ounce of boob fat. How do I do that with out machines?
I see why you are asking this as its generally hard to target one specific place without losing fat from other places on your body. However, if you eat healthy and exercise, you tend to lose weight in your stomach, hips and waist. Just make sure you don't undereat, because that will not affect your stomach as much as it will your chest.
Another good tip is eat grapefruit! It really helps to slim down your waist line. I did a grapefruit diet where you eat half a grapefruit with every meal and it was successful.
And definitely do ab work. Muscle helps burn fat.
Good luck!
How do I lose man boobs and fat rolls in less then 1 month?
Im 13 and weigh about 120 pounds. I have small/medium sized man boobs and a chubby stomach. I have a few long red lines on my stomach due to fat rolls when im sitting down. We are doing swimming in gym in about a month. I really want them gone by then but it feels impossible because ive had them for years. How do I do it?
It is caused by changing hormones at puberty. In most cases, no treatment is needed. Your doctor will probably want to check the size of your breast tissue every few months. In 90% of teenage boys, gynecomastia goes away in less than 3 years.

Gynecomastia (manboobs) that occurs because of hormonal fluctuations with growth cannot be prevented.
Occasionally, medicines may be used to treat gynecomastia, especially if tenderness is a problem. The medicine will make the extra breast tissue go away.
How come the fat on your boobs is different from the fat other places?
it's all fat why is it good on your boobs and gross somewhere else?
beacuse boobs are awesome, and fun to play with. cankles are not.
To lose fat and man boobs, should I be running faster and in shorter sessions or slower in longer sessions?
I want to lose some fat and my man boobs. I was wondering should I be running faster in short sessions or slower in long sessions?
I don't really know about running but if you want to lose fat then you should run and also start weight lifting. Muscle burns fat the fastest so if you balance that and running then you should be fine. You should also try to avoid fatty foods and eat often but not in large amounts. So eat about every 2-3 hours, run, lift weights and you should be good.
How to lose belly fat without losing boobs?
I know that sounds really dumb, haha. But I have quite a bit of belly fat and I only have like a barely B cup. I really don't want to go down to an A cup just for a flat stomach, so is there ANY way that I could get a flatter stomach without having to size down on my cup size?
I already did a little bit, my waist got smaller and my boobs really did too.
Thanks, guys.
do liposuction on your belly and then stuff the fat into your boobies.
How do you get rid of the roll of fat underneath your boobs?
I'm 14 and recently went from a size 14 to a size 10. I've been doing 100 stomach crunches everyday as well as jogging every other day and dancing every other day, but the roll of fat under my boobs won't budge. I eat a healthy diet, so i'm stuck now. HELP!
you will need to go even lower in overall body fat to loose it. Or even you might be getting flabby. Crunches don't do crap but work upper abs. There are 1926328712988 different core exercises that are way more effective.
How can I lose man boobs and stomach side fat?
Hi,I'm 14 years old and I'm 5'3 and 121 pounds.I would like to know how i can lose this stomach fat and man boobs.Are there any techniques for losing man boobs at the gym?What helps working that part of the body out?Much appreciated!Thanks.
YOu will need the cardio to lose the body fat that is being stored in those areas. But also weight training to help tone those areas. Push ups, bench press, sit ups, side bends...

Also watch the diet. Most people have problems with portions so if you cut down on how many plates you eat at a meal this should help...

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