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What advantage and disadvantage does a gay man have if he has a rich, good-looking Italian fiance?
I mean, the gay man has engaged with the Italian guy after 4 years of dating.
Depends on the man.
How do you say gay village in Italian?
I'm going away to Italy this summer, and I know many cities have gay villages. How do you say it or what do they call them?
"quartiere gay"
Was the italian sculpture donatello gay?
on wikipedia it says that donatello is gay. im doing a research paper on him and i need to know for a fact that he is.
It is widely believed that he in fact was a homosexual. In fact a great deal of that eras painters and sculptors were. Though to be honest many well of men of that era seem to have had and almost "Roman" like attitude toward this thing... meaning they could have boys that they slept with as well as enjoyed the company of many females as well.
Donatello was not this he was a homosexual.
Then again I think he was also a Ninja Turtle ;)
Why do people keep referring to Italian footballers as gay in the 2006 Fifa category?
Do they have actual proof of this?
Most of the footballers are happily married with guyren.
only the anti- Italian users say that and it is because they are jealous that their players:
2) are not as gifted and talented
3) as successful

they have no proof and just like you said since they are all married with guyren they are obviously straight!!

Jealousy is a horrible mind- distorting beast!!!!
Gay Italian Community Website with Personals, etc?
Does anyone know a popular website for gay people in Italy and for people who are interested in Italian guys? Maybe something like a gay myspace type thing or a personals website? Thanks.
I think this is quite popular:
I am curious about gay italian men?
i was wondering do gay italian men likes dark skin latinos. now here the 411 i am a bi dark boricua boy but mostly attracted to guys, who will be moving to milan, italy which i totally can't wait and i love italian men but i am worry that they dont wouldnt like me because of my color
Haha. Maybe you should ask one? If someone doesn't like you, because of your race then maybe it's not worth it. Good luck though!
Hey gay Italian dudes......?
Are there any other gay Italians or am I the only one :( I love italian dudes and I can't seem to find any gay ones!

Basically I'm wondering if you in fact are gay and Italian!
I'm Italian and gay. Well, not like right off the boat, but my pappy's parents were immigrants and I have a big Italian family. I don't particularly like it myself. It's kind of like the Sopranos around Christmas but whadya gonna do, we're loud people. Italians in Italy are all like supermodels though. :^/ Lucky
I am gay Italian dating an American for a 3 months. How to surprise him for his birthday?
Hi there! I am gay Italian dating an American in Italy! We spent almost perfect 3 months together all around Europe and we are really good mach! The problem is he is 30 and didnt have relationship till now (around 600 guys in his life) and I am kind of relationship type guy!!! So, we will not see each other for 2 weeks while he is on the sea side with his friends (arrangement from the time before we met. And he didnt invite me now)! So the last day of his summer brake is his birthday! I want to go there and do something for remembering! To be special one! To be the one! To help him to fall in love, since I am for sure! Something good but still with some limits cause I dont want to scare him... remember that he didnt have any relationship till now or loved anyone!!!
have a wonderful home cooked meal then watch your favorite movie together and watch the stars!!
Hi!I'm an italian gay guy looking for friends to meet this evening and tomorrow for the gay pride...wanna go?
I'm an italian gay guy and i;m lookig for friends to go out today and tomorrow at the london gay pride 'cause i'm new from london and i dunno anybody...wanna be friends?
try putting an ad on gumtree or gaydar.

Happy Pride!
What would italian parents do if their guy was gay?
the kind of italian that put family first

but also italy is kinda prejudice against that sort of thing, or am i wrong?
it is much more acceptable now than it used to be many years ago. But of course, everyone is different. there will be people that don't like it, but i think those people are becoming few and far between. Family ties are stronger than anything else, i think, and I believe that holds true for most Italians.

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