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Should i stay at my college (its super easy) or go to this college with a bunch of hot white chicks?
my jc is so easy i could finish my AA with my eyes close and move on to state, but this other community college across town is full of freaking hot *** white chicks. what should i do next sememster?
Listen son if i were your father i would say" STAY AT YOUR COLLEGE BOY! FINISH SCHOOL,BACK IN THE DAY,I HAD TO WALK TO MY COLLEGE 20 MILES EVERYDAY ,IN A BLIZZARD,AGAINST THE WIND AT - 40 DEGREES,UP HILL TO AND FROM SCHOOL!WAIST DEEP IN SNOW WITH JUST A T-SHIRT ON AND PENNY LOAFERS! but i am not so hey HOT WHITE CHICK?heck where can i sign up?i assume there are no hot white chicks at your present college right?just old used up old bags right?hey i heard this saying once" you will never lose a chick chasing money but you will lose money chasing chicks" think about that SON!
Ever gotten a "stiffy" while a hot female dentist was examining you?
Just thought of this for some reason lmao.. how embarrasing would that **** be. I'm about to go to this dental place in a few days where there's nothing but hot *** chick dentists around, wish me luck :D
I did actually....she knew my mom too. I was sort of embarrassed but she was egging me on talking all sexily. Then at the end she tried to set me up WITH HER DAUGHTER. Boy. Misjudged that one.
Hi im donna , im a really hot tall chick got ***, and everything , im bout 6'2 and wear sizes 14-16?
its really hard for me to find clothes i dnt were to turn to plz help me i stay in houston texas and i dnt want any online stores
There's a difference between a question that is providing information that is relevant to the question, and a question that is purely bragging. This is bragging.
My friends kicked my *** since I said Miley Cyrus isn't hot?
So me and my bros were having a conversation about hot chicks (you know). And Miley Cyrus was brought up and all the guys are like "Yeahhhhh I would tap that", and I'm like "Naw B" and they got pissed and started beating the **** out of me, now I have a sprained wrist, 4 bruises on my arms and legs, and 2 on my face.

So what should I do to get that back?
thats reallyyy sad.
miley cyrus is pretty damnn ugly too so you have the right to say that lol
I would like a anime alot like eflen lied?
with allot of killing of the innocent and hot chicks if u know what i mean.... lol well i like these killing anime i seen gantz and hellsing and English dubbed please for sum reason i am in too killing and death anime well to tell u the truth i am in to any anime with hot *** chicks but i would like a killing anime is there any like that?
Genres: action, adventure, drama, fantasy
Episodes: 26 Episodes
Status: Finished
In a world rife with deadly creatures called "youma", a young silver eyed woman, Clare, works on behalf of an organisation that trains female youma halfbreeds into warriors with the ability to destroy these creatures. Considered a rogue for picking up a stray guy & almost losing herself to her youma side by "Awakening", she is constantly assigned rather dangerous missions...
A really hot chick was giving me a long *** backrub. what should I do in return?
We have been friends for a while but I want to blow her socks off. Something real good! I want It to feel good! She is coming over tonight!
do the same except softer like with your finger tips, and with oil get as close as you can get to where your breath is is hitting her skin and making her tingle, especially aroung the back of her neck you'll know if her hairs begins to stand out a bit or she gets goose bumps, if this happens threw in some soft kisses on the nape of her neck, if she allows it turn her around and do her front.(breast). tease
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You're an idiot.

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